Sunday, June 11, 2006

Any day now

This will just be a short post. You can come any day now. If you're not out by June 21st, they're going to induce me. I'm super excited, but also fairly scared. I love you sweetie.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who's my sweet boy?

First off, your Father in crazy.....but in a good way.

We had our first "birthing and newborn care" class today. In all honesty, I think I'm more freaked out now, than I was before we went. I'm so anxious to see you, but at the same time, OH MY GOODNESS! The last video we watched really worried me. Please please please try and go easy on your mom, and if it's not asking too much....try to not drag it out.

In other news, I'm huge! I'm up to 156.6lbs! Baby boy - I must tell you, I've NEVER weighed this much. EVER. I just keep telling myself that's it's all fine with me, as long as it means you're healthy. I'd imagine that you are, from the size of us. We also had the first baby shower last weekend. You got so many cute things to wear.....and your Great Aunt Patty and Uncle Gary got you the cutest little shoes! You won't be able to wear them for awhile. But that's okay. It's not like you'll be walking anywhere in the meantime. Oh sweetheart, you are so loved....and I can't express how thankful I am for that. You couldn't have a better father, and his family is pretty awesome too. As far as my side of the family goes, they all will love you very much, it might just be that they'll do it in their own way....and it won't always make good sense. If that confuses you now, I promise some day you'll understand. They mean well. They really do.

I love you. You're my sweet boy.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

One more picture!

And here is me, you, and your Aunt Liz! Posted by Picasa


Here we both are! That's me and you! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hips and the pelvis relocation

Hello my sweet boy. You've been very active this past week. You're my little wiggle worm. I love it so much when I can see you're little arm or leg ripple across my stomach. It's spectacular! This past month has seriously just flown right by us. If the next three go this fast then you'll be in my arms before I know it! far this whole experience has been pretty easy on your mom, which in turn makes it easy on your dad. However, lately my hips and pelvis have been killing me. It's a good thing, because it means that they are separating, which means it's getting close to the time you finally come out. But it hurts SO BAD! I've always thought that I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, but this is really getting to me. I think it's because it's constant ache, and not quick sharp pain. Oh well.....I suppose it's nothing compared to what I will feel on the day I get to hold you for the first time, but still. In the end I know it will all be worth it, so I'm dealing. I love you so much baby! We're almost there!

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Hello my sweet boy. Your father and I just got back from registering at Babies R Us. It's overwhelming how much stuff one tiny guy like yourself will need once born. We are trying to make sure we are as ready as possible, but I'm starting to wonder if anyone is ever ready for this. Oh well....either way, I still can't wait until I can hold you in my arms. I love you so much. I'm going to go for now, but I'll post again soon. Your father and I are so thrilled that you are you and we love you more than words can say. Kisses and hugs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ribs and concert tees

Hello my lovely. I do believe that you have turned around, though I won't know for sure until I get to see you again. Only six more days and counting. Just a quick little note here before I go to bed for the 3rd and final time today. You are killing my ribs...I don't think it's that you are anywhere near them, however, I do still have all those pesky internal organs that I had before you were in there, and I think those are pushing against my rib cage. It hurts baby. It hurts bad. On another note, your daddy went to a concert last night and got you a tee shirt. You won't be able to wear it for a few months, but I think you're going to love it. We love you very much and we can't wait to see you.

Friday, February 10, 2006

TV has become my life

So here's a typical day for me these days....I'll get up when your dad gets up to go to work. I might pop in a movie after he leaves for work. Somewhere in the middle of the movie I fall back asleep. Then I'll wake up between 12:30 and 1:00 pm. Just in time for my stories. Of course there are always one or two commercials that come on during them that just make me tear up a bit. Today, for example, it was a commercial about a little boy practicing hockey. It's just him and a goalie. He's got all these pucks lined up and he's shooting them into the goal. After his last shot he takes his helmet off and says, "Thanks mom." Then the goalie takes her helmet off, smiles, and says, "anytime." you see what you're doing to me!?! You're turning me into a mother. It's the greatest thing in the world, though very odd sometimes. It's so weird how things really do change. Oh well....I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you squish.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Baby baby baby baby

Hey baby! You are getting so freakin' big I can't believe it. We've taken to calling you squishy. In about 22 days we will know for sure what to call you. Aiden, Isabelle. I can't hardley wait. The suspense is killing me I tell you. There's really not any other "news" that I should share with you. We are slowly getting things ready for your arrival. We both love you SO MUCH! I hope you're still coming to stay with us. Part of me is afraid that you'll realize what you're in for and abort mission. I can't say that I would blame you if you did, but I would be heartbroken to say the least. All that keeps me going is knowing that everything happens for a reason. I'll always love you no matter what. Until next time. :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

I know, I know...just call me a slacker

It's not even as if I do anything all day long. And of course by all day long I mean from 2pm on. There's just not much I've wanted to tell you about. That's really not true. But I've taken to talking to you, nuch in the same way that some people pray to god. I don't know if you can hear me, and if you can I doubt you can understand a word of what I'm saying, but it makes me feel better so just leave it at that ok?

I read the most horrible book the other night, which left me shaking and crying (more like wailing) so much that it woke up your father. First he saw my face and then I'm sure he saw the book and probably had to seriously fight the urge to roll his eyes. But anyway. The woman in the book was pregnant, but there were possible complications with the baby. I think she had ten weeks left until the child was to be born. So the last ten weeks her and the father of the child were on pins and needles, just terrified that their child would die. The delivery date came and the child was perfect. Healthy and all that jazz, but then for seemily no reason the woman died. WTF!?! I've been a little off ever since. They really need to put warnings on the outside of books like that. Hmmmm. Oh well.

I'm gonna go help with dinner. I love you very much. Five months and ten days. I'll see you soon.