Friday, January 13, 2006

I know, I know...just call me a slacker

It's not even as if I do anything all day long. And of course by all day long I mean from 2pm on. There's just not much I've wanted to tell you about. That's really not true. But I've taken to talking to you, nuch in the same way that some people pray to god. I don't know if you can hear me, and if you can I doubt you can understand a word of what I'm saying, but it makes me feel better so just leave it at that ok?

I read the most horrible book the other night, which left me shaking and crying (more like wailing) so much that it woke up your father. First he saw my face and then I'm sure he saw the book and probably had to seriously fight the urge to roll his eyes. But anyway. The woman in the book was pregnant, but there were possible complications with the baby. I think she had ten weeks left until the child was to be born. So the last ten weeks her and the father of the child were on pins and needles, just terrified that their child would die. The delivery date came and the child was perfect. Healthy and all that jazz, but then for seemily no reason the woman died. WTF!?! I've been a little off ever since. They really need to put warnings on the outside of books like that. Hmmmm. Oh well.

I'm gonna go help with dinner. I love you very much. Five months and ten days. I'll see you soon.